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If you are familiar with Airwalk fixie models by now, get into the Airwalk fixie fever as the latest model has just been launched! Introducing the Airwalk Kero! With it’s specially alloy treated frame and carbon fork, it improve the riders’ comfort with it’s reduced weight. The frame down tube is shaped particularly thicker to provide higher frame strength. The center portion of the seat tube laterally play flat for the vertical rear shock distribution to the lateral position, reducing the vibration transmitted to the seat, as if the wheel has a steel-like flexibility when riding.


Frame colors available: Tiffany Green / Ferrari Red / Metallic Dark Bluish Grey / Black

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Foldable bicycles has been increasingly gaining its popularity, especially when it is introduced in a small country like Singapore where space is always a headache for home owners. Foldable bicycles not only save space during storage, it is very convenient to bring along with personal transport. Along with the support from the government on cycling, cyclist can also bring their foldable bicycles to public transport (with some restrictions).

If you do not have a foldable bike in one of your bicycles inventory, then you are really missing something.

fold_white fold_redfold_black

Brand: Hitic
Model: 20″ foldable bike
Frame/fork: Alloy
Handle: Riser / Bullhorn
Gear: 16 / 24 Speed Shimano
Pedal: Foldable for compact space
Weight: 11Kg

Easy assemble/folded within 15 secs

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This category will feature all the fixed gear bicycles which how our customer assemble their dream fixies. This is just for reference to how you can also put together a mean & lovely machines! For viewing pleasures!


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Our team went to Korea for a recce trip and found that Cycling is also very hot there! Here are some of the interesting things found during our trip.

One of the shops that we came across, selling a big range of nice bicycles.


We also saw a group of cyclist pedaling away in the morning at 7am! Most of them are girls!

IMG_5737 IMG_5739

While on the way up to the mountain which is snowing up there, we saw this CO. Giant, laying their bikes. The reason? To provide the cyclist bicycles, to go to the mountain to cycle in the snow! Super long Q to wait for the cable car!

IMG_6185 IMG_6256 IMG_6258

Bicycles used for their famous Korean Drama – Winter Sonata! This has greatly booze up the cycling heat!


Nice back drop in one of the tunnels! With a bike chained there!


Customized bike designs for Corporate window display. To give a splendid touch to their products! This is what Pedal Craze is in the midst of planning and heading towards! To design customized bicycle designs to suit Corporate products such as clothing, shoes, bags, cars, brands and etc. Anything is possible!


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