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Foldable bicycles has been increasingly gaining its popularity, especially when it is introduced in a small country like Singapore where space is always a headache for home owners. Foldable bicycles not only save space during storage, it is very convenient to bring along with personal transport. Along with the support from the government on cycling, cyclist can also bring their foldable bicycles to public transport (with some restrictions).

If you do not have a foldable bike in one of your bicycles inventory, then you are really missing something.

fold_white fold_redfold_black

Brand: Hitic
Model: 20″ foldable bike
Frame/fork: Alloy
Handle: Riser / Bullhorn
Gear: 16 / 24 Speed Shimano
Pedal: Foldable for compact space
Weight: 11Kg

Easy assemble/folded within 15 secs

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This is our first step to venture into customizing of bicycles. For a start, currently we will be focusing on bicycle rims and bicycle wheel covers. We will be customizing more parts of the bicycles soon. Stay tune!

wheel_cover_stickers1wheel_cover_stickers5 wheel_cover_stickers4 wheel_cover_stickers3 wheel_cover_stickers2

For more information regarding customize bicycle wheel covers, do visit our website Cheers to fixed gear!

The Airwalk Airtrack has always been the favourite for trackers! With its unique and specially designed frame, the Airwalk Airtrack remains the most desired bike! Riders will surely love the feel of the smooth ride on this 10kg light monster! There are also  a huge variety of colors and combination to customized for the Airwalk Airtrack.

airwalk_airtrack1 airwalk_airtrack2 airwalk_airtrack3


More colors to customized the Airwalk Airtrack

airtrack1 airtrack2


Airwalk Airtrack customized with carbon accessories (fork, seatpost, stem) into a lighter monster!



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The all new Airwalk evo has finally reached our shores! More details will be provided on this fast and furious machine!


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The Airwalk fixed gear Pista has evolved from Pista Basic to Pista+ with better enhanced CrMo frame. More colors to choose from, more color configuration to mix with! The Airwalk fixed gear Pista+ has been one of our top sellers since it is launched! Check out how our customers assemble their colorful rides! You can simply have hundreds of color combination on this fixie!

airwalk_pista4 pista1 pista3


More color now to fit into your color collection!



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This is one of our favorite small wheels in our range of Airwalk fixed gear bicycles. With it’s cutey look and easy maneuver ability, it’s definitely no doubt why this model has been the favorite among the small wheels! Best of all, this model can be rode by a full grown man and still find how amazing this bike can be! The weight and structure is built for either a male or female rider.

airwalk_mini_white1 mini_silver


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This category will feature all the fixed gear bicycles which how our customer assemble their dream fixies. This is just for reference to how you can also put together a mean & lovely machines! For viewing pleasures!


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