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It is a trend today to use fixed gear bicycles as one of the advertising tools to attract customers. The main reason is because bicycle is an invention where people deem it as a healthy and natural-designed transportation. Naturally, the bicycle itself is already captivating and this attract people to see what is installed for them. Fixed gear bicycles has this advantages of customizing bikes to the looks of the customers’ products.

If you are still in the era thinking only bicycle shops use bicycles for display on their window and advertising needs. Think again! Below are some of the examples that showed people has already evolved to using bicycles as an advertising tool to showcase almost everything!

A clothing brand in Korea, showcasing with a foldable bike to compliment their clothing;


One of the coffee boutique uses a customized classic fixed gear with a basket of flowers to give their customers a relax feeling while drinking their coffee.


Another clothing store using fixed gear bicycles and colorful bicycles rims as their window display;


Can you guess what store is this? Yes, it is a furniture store selling mainly home-use furniture. This customized window display attracts almost all passer-by!

red color bike

An office wear clothing store using the customized classic fixed gear bicycles to show that even the business district can have their simple lifestyle.


It does looks like a bicycle shop from outside, but take a closer look! Its BSA Space in Boston! BSA Space is Boston’s leading cultural institution on architecture and design, and is home to the Boston Society of Architects. So surprised they are also using customized bicycles as window display!


The famous H&M also uses a customized fixed gear bicycle to match their red/white series.


An exhibition to showcase the usage of bamboos. This customized fixed gear bicycle is made of bamboo!

wooden bike

Rossi Singapore also uses a customized old traditional fixed gear bicycle to showcase their products.


Everyone is familiar with the brand Fred Perry, they also uses the concept of colorful bicycles rims as their window display.

fred perry

If you are planning to have your window display refurbished or using the concept of customized fixed gear bicycles, you might want to seek some professional advices on how to customize a bicycle to match your products. Not only does the full complete bicycles can be showcased, you have see examples of bicycle rims used too. Here are some of the examples that showed other parts of bicycles can be used too! From cranks, pedals, chains to bolts, nuts, handle bars and saddles, every part of the bicycles can be an art.

tealightsspare-parts-cropped art sculpture bike jewelry bike wall emily scali Bike-candle-holder Choo-Choo-558x800 clock cow

Feel free to inquire how Pedal Craze can help you fulfill your requirement and needs to customize a bicycle to match your products!



The Singapore National Day Parade is a national ceremony in Singapore that will be happening on 9 August, in commemoration of Singapore’s independence!

This year 2013, the theme is “Many Stories, One Singapore”. Everyone has a story to tell and these stories define Singaporeans as an individual and collectively as a nation. It calls on everyone to remember and share their stories that make how the Singaporeans identify themselves.


This red and white Airwalk fixed gear bicycle (in tune to the national flag colors) is built to celebrate its birthday!

As a Singaporean, I am proud to say I have many stories here. My families and friends are also here with me, in a safe country. I would also like take this opportunity to thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew for his life devotion given to Singapore. Without him, Singapore will not be what it is now. On behalf of Pedal Craze, I would like to wish Singapore Happy Birthday, and many generations to come!


Pedal Craze



Our team has put together our thinking caps and came up with a new logo for Pedal Craze!



We chose Cheetah as it is the fastest animal on earth! Just like the bicycles in Pedal Craze, we want to be always on the fast move and not only provide fast and good services, we also aim to provide good and quality fixed gear bicycles to our customers!

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Our team went to Korea for a recce trip and found that Cycling is also very hot there! Here are some of the interesting things found during our trip.

One of the shops that we came across, selling a big range of nice bicycles.


We also saw a group of cyclist pedaling away in the morning at 7am! Most of them are girls!

IMG_5737 IMG_5739

While on the way up to the mountain which is snowing up there, we saw this CO. Giant, laying their bikes. The reason? To provide the cyclist bicycles, to go to the mountain to cycle in the snow! Super long Q to wait for the cable car!

IMG_6185 IMG_6256 IMG_6258

Bicycles used for their famous Korean Drama – Winter Sonata! This has greatly booze up the cycling heat!


Nice back drop in one of the tunnels! With a bike chained there!


Customized bike designs for Corporate window display. To give a splendid touch to their products! This is what Pedal Craze is in the midst of planning and heading towards! To design customized bicycle designs to suit Corporate products such as clothing, shoes, bags, cars, brands and etc. Anything is possible!


Cycling is a trend over the world, so get yourself a bike today to feel the heat! Visit Pedal Craze for fixed gear bikes today!


A self-designed banner for Pedal Craze just to booze our advertising work.

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While the Fixed gear bicycle craze continue to blooms, Honda unexpectedly debuted the Gear concept: a compact car reportedly “inspired by fixed-gear bicycles.”  Honda says the Gear provides “the automotive answer for young, urban, Gen-Y lifestyles.”


So, how can a car design be inspired by a bicycle with a single gear? According to Honda the connection is more of a philosophical one, “It is simple and utilitarian, but also customizable, connected and full of personality,” the Japanese Automaker said in a release.

Translated into non-marketing speak, Honda is trying to reach out to the young and it does makes some sense that in essence, people got into fixed-gear and single-speed bikes because they were formerly only used by kids on BMX bikes, bike messengers, and Olympic track cyclists. Honda is trying to recreate that in a car — the fixed-gear bicycle of cars.

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It’s a good holiday for employees of Pedal Craze on Chinese New Year from 10-17 Feb 2013. This year is the year of Snake and Pedal Craze will re-open it’s business tomorrow on 18 Feb 13.

The employees went for a trip from Singapore – Ipoh – Penang – Singapore. While in Penang, we came across this shop selling clothes. Something special caught our eyes and we just had to take a photo of it. (was told by the employee not to take photo after that :P)


As the photo shows, there is a bicycle rack right in the middle of the clothing store and they are also selling fixed gear bikes. We guessed that fixed gear bicycles are really getting famous now! Cool!