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We are currently having sales for aerospoke wheels! Do visit our website for more details!

Aerodynamics is the key in changing the entire ride characteristic of your bike and requires less effort to maintain speed. Carbon composite rims provide the best benefit of an aerodynamic profile. Carbon composite rims can be built much deeper than aluminum rims but with much less weight than a similar profile aluminum rim.

Advantage of deeper rims is that they really shine for all round riding and on race day. Deeper section rims also provide the best aerodynamics to stiffness ratio. Deep section rims range from around 30 to 90mm. The deeper the rim the more aerodynamic and stiff it will be.

An aerospoke wheel set is an investment worth investing as the performance of the wheels is addictive. So if you are thinking of investing a part to your precious bike, the wheels is the first you have to invest in. Contact us today to order your very own aerospoke wheels! All colors available!

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