Customize bicycles for window display and advertising

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Fixed gear craze
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It is a trend today to use fixed gear bicycles as one of the advertising tools to attract customers. The main reason is because bicycle is an invention where people deem it as a healthy and natural-designed transportation. Naturally, the bicycle itself is already captivating and this attract people to see what is installed for them. Fixed gear bicycles has this advantages of customizing bikes to the looks of the customers’ products.

If you are still in the era thinking only bicycle shops use bicycles for display on their window and advertising needs. Think again! Below are some of the examples that showed people has already evolved to using bicycles as an advertising tool to showcase almost everything!

A clothing brand in Korea, showcasing with a foldable bike to compliment their clothing;


One of the coffee boutique uses a customized classic fixed gear with a basket of flowers to give their customers a relax feeling while drinking their coffee.


Another clothing store using fixed gear bicycles and colorful bicycles rims as their window display;


Can you guess what store is this? Yes, it is a furniture store selling mainly home-use furniture. This customized window display attracts almost all passer-by!

red color bike

An office wear clothing store using the customized classic fixed gear bicycles to show that even the business district can have their simple lifestyle.


It does looks like a bicycle shop from outside, but take a closer look! Its BSA Space in Boston! BSA Space is Boston’s leading cultural institution on architecture and design, and is home to the Boston Society of Architects. So surprised they are also using customized bicycles as window display!


The famous H&M also uses a customized fixed gear bicycle to match their red/white series.


An exhibition to showcase the usage of bamboos. This customized fixed gear bicycle is made of bamboo!

wooden bike

Rossi Singapore also uses a customized old traditional fixed gear bicycle to showcase their products.


Everyone is familiar with the brand Fred Perry, they also uses the concept of colorful bicycles rims as their window display.

fred perry

If you are planning to have your window display refurbished or using the concept of customized fixed gear bicycles, you might want to seek some professional advices on how to customize a bicycle to match your products. Not only does the full complete bicycles can be showcased, you have see examples of bicycle rims used too. Here are some of the examples that showed other parts of bicycles can be used too! From cranks, pedals, chains to bolts, nuts, handle bars and saddles, every part of the bicycles can be an art.

tealightsspare-parts-cropped art sculpture bike jewelry bike wall emily scali Bike-candle-holder Choo-Choo-558x800 clock cow

Feel free to inquire how Pedal Craze can help you fulfill your requirement and needs to customize a bicycle to match your products!



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