Airwalk recently redesign and pushed out the Airwalk Citrus carbon accessories and crank set. The item includes;

1) The aerodynamic Airwalk Citrus carbon drop bars and Airwalk Citrus carbon pursuit handle bars (31.8).

citrus bar3

2) The Airwalk Citrus carbon seat post (27.2).

citrus seat post

3) The Airwalk Citrus crank set (48T).



4) The Shimano Oliver chain



The Airwalk Citrus new series accessories are designed in USA and not only are they super-light in weight, they definitely will improve the beauty of your fixie.

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If you are familiar with Airwalk fixie models by now, get into the Airwalk fixie fever as the latest model has just been launched! Introducing the Airwalk Kero! With it’s specially alloy treated frame and carbon fork, it improve the riders’ comfort with it’s reduced weight. The frame down tube is shaped particularly thicker to provide higher frame strength. The center portion of the seat tube laterally play flat for the vertical rear shock distribution to the lateral position, reducing the vibration transmitted to the seat, as if the wheel has a steel-like flexibility when riding.


Frame colors available: Tiffany Green / Ferrari Red / Metallic Dark Bluish Grey / Black

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Foldable bicycles has been increasingly gaining its popularity, especially when it is introduced in a small country like Singapore where space is always a headache for home owners. Foldable bicycles not only save space during storage, it is very convenient to bring along with personal transport. Along with the support from the government on cycling, cyclist can also bring their foldable bicycles to public transport (with some restrictions).

If you do not have a foldable bike in one of your bicycles inventory, then you are really missing something.

fold_white fold_redfold_black

Brand: Hitic
Model: 20″ foldable bike
Frame/fork: Alloy
Handle: Riser / Bullhorn
Gear: 16 / 24 Speed Shimano
Pedal: Foldable for compact space
Weight: 11Kg

Easy assemble/folded within 15 secs

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Since the Airwalk latest model – Airwalk Evo hit our shores, it has been selling like hot cakes! The riders not only benefited from aerodynamic design of the frame, most added the aerospoke and rear 88mm carbon wheels to not only make it a smoother ride, it is a head-turner for sure when it hits the road!

The Airwalk Evo comes in a sleek aerodynamic design and is made of CrMo 6061 alloy for both the frame and fork too! The weight of the frame is only 1.9kg! The Airwalk evo comes in various frame sizes; 50/53/56/59cm to cater to the rider’s height difference.

Here are some of the Airwalk Evo purchased by our customers;

airwalk_evo1 airwalk_evo3 airwalk_evo2

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Pedal Craze is introducing its very own glow-in-the-dark series of bicycles parts and the very first in line with the upcoming Christmas sales is the glow-in-the-dark aerospoke! This will ensure riders ultimate visibility and safety while riding at night.



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Our very own first Pedal Craze youtube video!


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Aerodynamics is the key in changing the entire ride characteristic of your bike and requires less effort to maintain speed. Carbon composite rims provide the best benefit of an aerodynamic profile. Carbon composite rims can be built much deeper than aluminum rims but with much less weight than a similar profile aluminum rim.

Advantage of deeper rims is that they really shine for all round riding and on race day. Deeper section rims also provide the best aerodynamics to stiffness ratio. Deep section rims range from around 30 to 90mm. The deeper the rim the more aerodynamic and stiff it will be.

An aerospoke wheel set is an investment worth investing as the performance of the wheels is addictive. So if you are thinking of investing a part to your precious bike, the wheels is the first you have to invest in. Contact us today to order your very own aerospoke wheels! All colors available!

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